Adapting your office to Covid 19

The Complete COVID-19 Office Planning Guide


It’s Time To Restore Your Team’s Confidence In the Office & Help Them Work Smart at Home. 


The Problem: Your offices weren’t designed to handle a pandemic. Now you are struggling to find the best way to get your team back to work.  


The Solution: Leave it to BOO Furniture


We have had PLENTY of time to think about your offices lately. 


Much of our sales team has been stuck at home with only two ways to pass the time…binge watch Tiger King over and over -OR- figure out ways to help you get your team back to work. As furniture people we have a natural fear of tigers so option one was a non-starter.  


Instead we took that lonely time to gather and develop easy to implement COVID-19 office solutions to the many challenges businesses now face. So even though you may be distancing yourself, you are not alone. We will quickly transform your workspaces at home and in the office.  


Are you reconfiguring workstations? setting up barriers? signage & sanitation? 

To get started download BOO Furniture’s Complete COVID-19 Office Planning GuideWhere to purchase the best lobby furniture in San Diego


Call BOO Furniture today to schedule a walkthrough or virtual meeting to assess your organization’s back-to-work needs and we will make it happen.

As tough as this pandemic has been we all must find a way to move forward, that’s why we are committed to partnering with you to get your team back to work!