4 Tips For an Office Filing System

A well-organized office can inspire employees to take pride in their work, so naturally, productivity and efficiency are increased as well. This is especially true for all those businesses that handle a lot of receipts, invoices and other paper documents on a daily basis. It can be detrimental if one of these files got lost, so keeping an organized filing system is a must.

But where to put all those documents? Should you get a new shelf or maybe a high-density file storage system for your office in San Diego? How to do it and where to even begin? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when it comes to tidying up so many hard files. Just take a deep breath, and keep reading to find an answer to all these questions.

Why is organized file storage important?

A well-kept workplace can contribute to the enhanced performance of your business. The visual appeal of the office is greater, which automatically makes everyone inside feel comfortable and at ease. Apart from it being more aesthetically pleasing, a neat workplace is shown to save time and reduce stress, especially when most of the stress and time loss is caused by looking for things.

Some important benefits of well-organized office space are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Boosted morale
  • Better work ethics
  • Enhanced professionalism
  • Positive effect on clients

What is the best way to organize paper files?

What is the best way to organize paper files

Efficient document management means storing and categorizing paper files in a neat and organized way so that they are easily accessible.

No matter how big or small your office is, thinking about sorting giant bundles of files, documents, receipts and invoices can be headache-inducing. That’s why we have a few tips and tricks to help you through this process.

1. Declutter

Messy and untidy offices leave a poor impression on both employees and clients. Therefore, getting rid of junk is the number one priority. Start by sorting items in two main categories:

  • The files you need
  • The files you don’t need

Naturally, you should throw away, or preferably recycle, all the unimportant documents.

2. Choose a Storage System

Next step is understanding your storage needs. After you have assessed how much paper you actually manage on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis you can decide between different storage options:

  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • High-density file storage systems

Shelves and cabinets are a good option if you don’t handle that many paper documents, while the high-density file storage systems are perfect for businesses who handle copious amounts of paperwork. These storage systems are also pretty handy for mailroom organization.

3. Categorize

The most important tip for this part is that you follow the KIS principle – Keep It Simple. Start by sorting paper files in relevant categories that are clear and sensible to everyone. Making complex subcategories will eventually only create confusion and clutter.

You can begin by dividing documents by relevant departments such as “Finance”, “Clients” and “HR”. Next, divide those into smaller, yet clear file groups. For instance, “Finance” can be divided into subcategories such as “Invoices” and “Receipts”. “Clients” files can be classified as “Potential”, “Existing”, and “Old”.

4. Choose a labelling system

Finally, decide on a labelling system. There are numerous variants to choose from, but some of the most popular are:

  • Color coding
  • Sorting files into numerical order
  • Sorting files alphabetically

Whichever system you opt for, It’s vital that all employees understand it. We recommend you hold a meeting to explain the new sorting method to everyone.

Where can you find the best high-density file storage in San Diego?

Where can you find the best high-density file storage in San Diego

Here at BOO Furniture, we understand that the crucial element of productivity is organization. Therefore, you can easily rely on us to meet all your file storage needs. We offer a wide range of office storage solutions, from shelves and cabinets all the way to high-density file storage units.

Whether your business is located in Coronado, the Old Town or the beautiful La Jolla, we can take care of all your office design necessities, as we serve the entire San Diego area. Call us today!