Acoustic Sound Panels

BOO Furniture‘s extensive line of acoustic sound panels can improve quality of life around the office in ways you might not imagine…

picture of a room with acoustic art panels decorating the walls

The Choices Are Endless

Sound management is an often overlooked feature of the modern office. Luckily there are many different ways to mitigate noise pollution for almost any setting.

Here are just a few of the different types of acoustic panels available to enhance the sonic environment of your office. Any of the following solutions can result in happier team members, greater privacy, and improved well being throughout your organization.

Acoustic Wall Panels

One way to lower the ambient noise in a room is to make the walls surrounding the space more sound absorptive. The simplest way to achieve this is with the addition of wall-mounted acoustic boards.

These can take the form of tiles of all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for inexpensive sound absorption with minimal aesthetic flare? Then monotone square acoustic tiles might be the best approach. Here’s are a few examples;

acoustic dampening wall panels       a picture of a conference room with noise cancelling wall panels on the wall

Because this method is simple and can keep costs down, this is the first option one might look at to reduce sound levels in a noisy room. Finally, with a little design sense and good taste, square tiles can lend a modern minimalist pop of color to any room.

In contrast, maybe sound dampening isn’t your only concern and you want to make a statement. In that case, there are plenty of wall-mounted panels available that will make things more interesting.

Take acoustic art panels for instance. These are fabric acoustic panels which have been printed to suit the desired look and feel of the room.

These must be placed strategically to simulate the natural appearance of the rooms existing decor. You can order this style pre-printed with a huge selection of stock designs or customize your own with artwork or patterns of your choosing.

There is also a third option. If you want a custom look and also the flexibility to add more tiles there are a number of decorative tiles available in exotic geometric shapes and sizes. Check out a few of the different approaches available today;

a poster board of decorative acoustic tile photos

Ceiling Mounted Sound Options

Another popular approach involves the use of ceiling mounted sound diffusers.  Used alone or in combination with wall panels ceiling mounted soundboards can reduce noise in the midst of large rooms.

Maybe you have a large open call center or lunchroom. By placing sound diffusers strategically around the ceiling you can improve the overall sound level in the room.


picture of white acoustic ceiling tiles

As you can see these can mean ornate 3D structures hanging suspended from the ceiling. In contrast, it can also mean the simple swap out of your existing ceiling tiles with a sound absorptive alternative.

The possibilities are endless and it really just comes down to finding the approach that fits your office and budget.

If you feel your office or commercial building could benefit from sound reduction Contact BOO and we will put you in touch with one of our sound reduction experts. 

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