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Sound management is an extremely important but often overlooked feature of the modern office. Unsolicited noise is not only annoying but it can also distract your employees and even result in serious health problems. Luckily, BOO Furniture can provide you with many different ways to mitigate noise pollution for almost any office setting. We offer an extensive line of acoustic sound panels that can greatly improve the quality of life in your workspace in ways that you may not imagine.

How can I soundproof my office?

Extensive noise pollution can greatly decrease the productivity of employees and disrupt their workflow, as well as cause anxiety and a range of other health issues. This is particularly true for large, bustling offices. Soundproofing your office space is a must if you wish your employees to stay healthy and be optimally efficient.

BOO Furniture is here to help you keep the noise levels in your office at a minimum by providing you with high-quality soundproofing solutions. Our acoustic panels can make any work environment in San Diego a happier place by limiting unwanted noise and controlling reverberation and echo. Read on to learn more about different office soundproofing methods!

What do acoustic panels do?

To put it simply, acoustic sound panels are designed to reduce noise through sound-wave absorption. Under typical conditions, sound travels through a space until it encounters resistance. Once it comes into contact with a surface, it bounces off of it and continues to travel in another direction. Sound is more likely to bounce around in a room with hard surfaces, such as wood and walls without wallpaper.

By introducing soft, sound-absorbent materials, you can reduce the amount of noise and reverberation in your office space. Acoustic panels are specifically designed and crafted to achieve high levels of sound absorption and improve sound quality in any office environment.

Do acoustic panels keep sound in?

As we’ve already mentioned, acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound inside of the room they are installed in. While they will certainly help to reduce unwanted sounds coming from the outside, they are not meant to block such noise completely. What your acoustic panels will do is dampen unsolicited sounds and minimize distractions in your office space in San Diego, enhancing the productivity of your employees and boosting your business success.

Where do you put acoustic panels?

Our experienced technicians in San Diego will install your acoustic panels in a way that will ensure optimal performance and keep noise levels at a minimum. To achieve that, they will:

  • Install your panels symmetrically following primary patterns and minimizing the changes in spacing if doors, windows, or any other objects are in the way. This way, the panels will be balanced in your office space, ensuring efficient sound absorption.
  • Space your panels out to improve their efficiency. Acoustic boards become less effective if they are installed on just one wall without spacing. Instead, they should be spread out on parallel walls with sufficient space between them.
  • Place them at the correct height making sure not to place them too far above the eye level or too close to the ground. If they are too high, sound won’t be able to reach them, and if they are too low they may get dirty.

When you choose BOO Furniture for your office soundproofing needs, you won’t have to worry about the placement of your acoustic panels. Our installers know all the ins and outs of acoustics in work environments and will arrange your panels for optimal performance.

What are the different types of acoustic panels?

There are several different types of acoustic panels that can enhance the sonic environment of your San Diego office. Any of the following solutions can result in happier team members, greater privacy, and improved well being throughout your organization.

Acoustic wall panels

One way to lower the ambient noise in a room is to make the walls surrounding the space more sound absorptive. The simplest way to achieve this is with the addition of wall-mounted acoustic boards. These panels can come in several different options:

1. Square acoustic tiles

Are you looking for inexpensive sound absorption with minimal aesthetic flare? Then monotone square acoustic tiles might be the best approach. Because this method is simple and can keep costs down, this is the first option one might look at to reduce sound levels in a noisy room. Finally, with a little design sense and good taste, square tiles can lend a modern minimalist pop of color to any room. Here are a few examples.

2. Acoustic art panels

In contrast, maybe sound dampening isn’t your only concern and you want to make a statement. In that case, there are plenty of wall-mounted panels available that will make things more interesting. Take for instance acoustic art panels. These are fabric acoustic panels which have been printed to suit the desired look and feel of the room.

These must be placed strategically to simulate the natural appearance of the rooms existing decor. You can order this style pre-printed with a huge selection of stock designs or customize your own with artwork or patterns of your choosing.

3. Custom decorative tiles

There is also a third option. If you want a custom look and also the flexibility to add more tiles, BOO Furniture also offers a great number of decorative tiles available in exotic geometric shapes and sizes that can fit into any office space. Check out a few of the different approaches available today.

Ceiling-mounted sound options

Another popular approach involves the use of ceiling-mounted sound diffusers. Used alone or in combination with wall panels, ceiling mounted soundboards can reduce noise in the midst of large rooms. Maybe you have a large open call center or lunchroom. By placing sound diffusers strategically around the ceiling you can improve the overall sound level in the room.

As you can see these can mean ornate 3D structures hanging suspended from the ceiling. In contrast, it can also mean the simple swap out of your existing ceiling tiles with a sound absorptive alternative. Whichever option you choose, you can count on your sound diffusers to achieve excellent effects and create a more comfortable work environment in your office.

We bring the finest acoustic panels in all of San Diego

When it comes to improving sound in your office space, the possibilities are truly endless, especially if you choose BOO Furniture to install your soundproofing panels. Our knowledgeable installers will take all the necessary steps to find the approach that fits your office and budget perfectly while you take a well deserved break to go shopping at Seaport Village or explore Old Town.

If you feel your office or commercial building could benefit from sound reduction contact BOO Furniture and we will put you in touch with one of our sound reduction experts. What’s more, we are your go-to company if you are searching for furniture for your office, whether it’s modern waiting room chairs, high-quality used Aeron chairs, or top-notch mail room furniture in San Diego. Reach out to us today!