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Finding the right office cubicles in San Diego can be an overwhelming task. Cubicles come in all different shapes and sizes. Everything seems to take 6 weeks and used cubicles never seem to be around when you need them. Our goal is to help you find the right cubicles to fit your organization’s needs. Here are a few things to think about when buying cubicles;


> How many cubicles do I need? You need to be able to fit your team(s) into the available space. This determines how much room is available for each person’s workspace.

> How do we work together? Every team is different. Some rely on collaboration and communication while others require a degree of privacy or an environment which allows for individual concentration and focus.

> What are we trying to achieve with additional workspaces? Are you expressing your brand and culture through your workspaces? Do you want to make a statement or do you simply need to fit more people in your available space? This is a common question as every organization faces space crunches at one time or another.


Deciding how many cubicles you need sometimes requires a little foresight. First, find out how many people will need workspaces between now and by the end of your office lease. It is usually best to get set-up for future growth. If you are buying used cubicles you may not be able to get more matching ones later. With new cubicles, you will generally save on the price of each station and avoid extra downtime.

Next, you need to have accurate measurements of the space to know how many you can fit. This will show you if the office space even accommodates your needs. If your growth estimates outpace office capacity you will need to plan for smaller workstations then your team may want. You might have to use a few private offices as shared work areas. If things are two compact you may have no choice but to set-up an open plan instead of individual cubicles.


How your teams interact drives the conversation about your cubicles layout. Different roles require varying levels of visual and audible privacy. Some teams need to communicate with each other in real-time. In contrast, other departments may need to handle private information and need a certain amount of privacy. For instance, a graphic design team working on a project together is going to want to communicate more than HR professionals working on individual cases.

Cubicle panels come in all different heights and how workstations are placed can determine sound levels for each user. A good cubicle layout balances the need for employees to not feel isolated with the fact that a little bit of privacy can encourage them to focus on the task at hand. If an employee must focus intensely to complete their work or requires a high level of discretion then high panels and a layout that minimizes traffic around their workstation may make sense. Do they communicate with their surrounding team frequently? Do they interact with walk-in customers or teammates or collaborate within a team? If so then low panel workstations probably make more sense.

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