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A lobby is an important part of every workspace and its look can set the perfect tone for the rest of the space if you implement the right design ideas. BOO Furniture is here to help you enhance the appeal of your San Diego office by offering you a wide selection of quality waiting room chairs, end tables, reception desk, and other lobby furniture pieces.

You can rely on us to equip your lobby area with top-of-the-line furniture made of thick, durable materials that will withstand the test of time and excel in functionality and style. Here is what you need to know before the shopping begins:

How to select the most optimal lobby furniture?

Choosing the right lobby furniture for your San Diego office may be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. To get a clearer picture of what you should keep in mind when furnishing your lobby, cast a glance at the following list of features:


You can start by investing in a few different seating options that can accommodate all your clients, regardless of their size and body shape. You don’t want your plus-sized business associates to feel uncomfortable because they can’t fit in any of your chairs.

Besides, don’t forget that some of your visitors and clients may need a bit more room if they are in a wheelchair, or use walkers. Think about their needs and ensure that your lobby area is not too cramped with furniture.


Making your waiting area comfortable should be your top priority. You don’t want your customers and clients to lose patience and leave because their backs started hurting from sitting on your uncomfortable furniture. In addition to investing in cozy waiting room chairs, you can also add a few coffee tables and a coat rack for enhanced convenience.


Making your reception area comfortable doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on its style. On the contrary, you should opt for the design that will reflect what your business does and stands for.

For example, if you are a travel agency, fill the room with posters depicting picturesque sceneries and exotic countries and add a splash of color to it by incorporating several fun furniture pieces. This will set your customers in the right mindset and make them want to pack their suitcases and travel the world.

Here at BOO Furniture, you can pick the top lobby furniture that checks off all the boxes. Our team of skilled professionals has vast hands-on experience in office design, so you may count on it to help you make a well-informed decision.

On top of that, we take great pride in our efficient delivery service that is created to improve your shopping experience even further. You’ll get your furniture delivered to the office at your earliest convenience.

How to pick the perfect lobby seating?

Whether your San Diego office has a more or less spacious waiting room, you need to work with what you have and utilize this space in the best possible way. To achieve this, you need to select the most adequate seating options, and Boo Furniture has got you covered.

Here is what you should consider when choosing your chairs:

Type and size:

  • Standard side chairs: They either come with or without arms and are a good option if you’re aiming at minimalist Scandinavian-style design.
  • Sofas: They can help you give your waiting room a more homelike vibe and make your clients feel welcomed.
  • Two-seater sofas: If you don’t have enough space to fit a regular size sofa in your waiting room, a two-seater is an amazing alternative. It is very comfy and can accommodate people of different sizes and shapes.

Additional features for extra comfort:

  • Eco-friendly chairs:  Today in the business world, there are many benefits to going green. Not only can it help you meet your clients’ expectations, but you’ll also manage to create a healthier workplace environment and save money. In our showroom in San Diego, you can also buy used office furniture that will give you a chance to increase the sustainability of your business and preserve the environment.


  • Genuine or faux leather chairs: They will add a touch of elegance and make your lobby look sophisticated.
  • Mesh chairs: They are very durable and can come in different colors.
  • Fabric chairs: Their main advantage is that they are easy to maintain and come in various designs so you can easily combine them with the rest of the furniture pieces.

We offer many different lines of waiting room chairs an even more diverse selection of fabrics and colors. Whether you’re searching for furniture that will last a lifetime, or you need a solution that fits your budget, BOO won’t fail to deliver.

Frequently asked questions

What is important when designing a lobby?

These are some of the absolute essentials of excellent lobby design and Boo Furniture is here to provide you with the spot-on service:

  • Select comfortable lobby furniture: Our fully stocked office furniture showroom in San Diego will make choosing your new office furniture quick and easy. You can rely on our experts to show you the available options and point you in the right direction.
  • Pick the quality reception desk. You should opt for a desk that will blend nicely with the rest of the decor. What’s more, make sure that it is big enough in order to minimize clutter as much as possible. BOO Furniture carries many different casegoods manufacturers that can offer standard and custom options for your reception desk.
  • Add special touches like artwork, stencils, or banners that will assist you in promoting your company’s brand.

Why is it important to give a good impression at the reception?

As a trusted office furniture supplier in San Diego and the area, we have built longstanding relations with our clients. Our main goal is to provide you with lobby furniture pieces that are perfectly tailored to your needs and will play a crucial role in creating the ideal first impression. Here is why it matters:

  • It impacts how your clients view your business.
  • It can testify to your professionalism and dedication to your company.
  • It helps you gain the trust of your future business associates.
  • It has a positive impact on your employees’ morale.
  • And much more!

How do I make my office lobby look professional?

If you want to have an office lobby imbued with a true sense of professionalism, you need to invest in state-of-the-art furniture that will help you express this message clearly. Here, at the BOO Furniture showroom in San Diego, you can count on our pros to suggest the right design elements to achieve this. Cast a glance at these simple, yet professional ideas:

  • Elegant leather waiting room seating.
  • Eco-friendly fabric sofa that can become the focal point of the design.
  • Eclectically-designed side tables for improved comfort.
  • Teak wood cabinets that add a rustic feel to the space, etc.

All this, and more, can be found in our showroom that sells furniture from more than 200 reliable manufacturers. You can also research our offer online and find the pieces that will turn your lobby design vision into reality.

Where can I buy the best lobby furniture in San Diego?

Business Office Outfitters is located in the vicinity of Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport and Superior Court Kearny Mesa Courthouse, but we cover a much wider area than the immediate surroundings. We are proud to say that we deliver unique lobby furniture across the entire San Diego area, and beyond.

However, that’s not all! We also sell other commercial furniture pieces and can offer you practical office storage solutions, as well as supply your workspace with top-notch Aeron chairs and provide you with a vast selection of skilfully crafted conference tables. Contact us today and let us help you take your lobby arrangement to a whole new level!