4 Space-Savvy Office Storage Ideas

A great number of people spend more than one-third of a day working in an office. For our success and wellbeing, it’s fundamental to make the most of this time. If you want to boost productivity and ensure optimal comfort, a well-organized working space with neat storage solutions is a must.

If your office in San Diego is small, you may have to reconsider how you view your office space and think outside the box. Keep on reading to discover innovative and creative ways to best support all your workplace high-density file storage needs.

How do you organize a small office?

Where in San Diego can you find the best high-density file storage unitsA creative and comfortable working environment can boost both productivity and morale. In order to maximize the performance and productivity in a small office, your number one priority should be smart office design.

But how can you make the most out of your office space? Here are some amazing space-saving and functionality-boosting office design ideas.

1. Let’s get digital

The number one clutter-creators in the office are hard copies and files. So, the first phase of your space-saving mission should be digitalization. Not only will you save up space, but digital copies are easily accessible to anyone anywhere. Rethink how much paper you are really going to use before even considering shelves, drawers, baskets and other file storage solutions.

2. Change your perspective

First of all – think vertically. Consider all the vertical aspects of your office space and take advantage of the walls. Adding wall-mounted shelves will not only serve as a space-effective solution but also as a decorative one. You can place a simple plant, or a photo frame on a shelf for an immediate aesthetic boost.

However, if your file-organization needs exceed the possibilities simple shelves offer, then try adding vertical high-density file storage units. These kinds of storage shelves can also be an ideal solution for organizing any mailroom.

3. Befriend drawers

Drawers are your best ally in the attempt to maximize efficiency in a small space. Desk drawers are a perfect fit for keeping important documents within reach. Just be careful not to over clutter and start storing junk in them. Instead, systematically plan out the drawer space.

Carefully select the right depth for your drawer, and then neatly organize it by using dividers. Additionally, consider categorizing the drawers by the importance of the files in them. For example, the top drawer should be used for storing essentials like documents and chargers. On the other hand, the stuff you would only need to access from time to time, such as additional office supplies, post-it notes, or pens can be stored in the last drawer.

4. Don’t cut corners

In most offices, corners usually end up not being used at all. Since nobody likes facing two walls while at work, you should avoid setting up a working desk there. Instead, try a more innovative approach. Here are just a few amenities that you can place in the corner:

  • Copy machines and 3D Printers
  • Coat-racks, garbage bin or water coolers
  • Big plants for decoration
  • Supply cabinets or mailroom storage

Where in San Diego can you find the best high-density file storage units?

4 Space-Savvy Office Storage IdeasThe key to the most efficient office space use is innovation and creativity. If you’re planning to redesign your office for improved productivity, then look no further. Here at BOO Furniture, we are inspired to deliver the best possible office furniture ideas in San Diego.

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