Ergonomic Desk Accessories in San Diego

Accessorize for employees' comfort & productivity

Discover how desk accessories make a difference

When you invest in ergonomic desk accessories you are investing in the health and happieness of your team.

A well tuned workspace ensures team members are comfortable and functioning at the top of their game.

Here we will go over a few of the basic items that you can use to enhance the comfort and useability of your workspace.

Ergonomic Chairs

Finding the task chair that is suited to your body type and the kind of work you do is critical. If you haven’t found the right chair yet then stop right here and take care of that first.

A good chair will support your body evenly. It will allow you to sit in a natural unstrained position. Most of all it will feel comfortable, even after a few hours of work.

Of all office products out there chairs are by far the most diverse. Sometimes finding the right one can seem a little overwhelming. For more info on how to pick a chair check out our chair shopping guide.

Monitor Arms

A high quality monitor arm, or set of arms (if you have two screens) accomplishes three things;

A. They allow you to move your monitor around with ease.

B. They save desk space as your monitor is now floating above the desktop.

C. With the right set-up you can easily flip your monitor around to share with a guest.

Most importantly they allow you to easily control the angle and distance of your monitor relative to your eyes. The ideal recomended distance is between 20″ and 28″ inches and level with your natural line of sight. There are literally hundreds of monitor arms available on the market. While easier to shop then chairs you might want to contact a furniture expert to find out what makes sense for you.

Keyboard Trays

The benefits of using a keyboard tray are less understood and therefore more often overlooked. Ergonomic benefit is an individual and somewhat subjective science depending in part on the physical build and sensitivities of each individual.

We’ve noticed average height and shorter users often benefit most from keyboard trays. This is because they sit lower then desk height and allow users to lower their chairs to a level that is comfortable for them.

An ergonomic keyboard tray can also allow the user to adjust the angle of their wrists as they type. This is an important factor in avoiding repetitive strain issues. Some people prefer a negative tilt as they type. This can be achieved with most commercial grade keyboard trays.

Many also have an adjustable side tray for the computer mouse. Last, when not in use most keyboard trays slide away keeping ones desktop looking clean and tidy.

Ergonomic Footrests

The benefits of a footrest are easy to sum up. Much like keyboard trays they help users adapt to the height of their worksurface. They also allow one to rest their feet at a natural angle that is compatible with their style of sitting.

Some footrests are shaped in such a way as to cup the soles of the feet. These can hit pressure points that are often sore from a day in dress shoes or high heels. The best footrests allow the user to adjust the angle or rock the footrest back and forth. Overall they increase comfort and relaxation allowing a firm footing even when ones legs are outstretched.

Finding the right ergonomic desk accessories

There is no one-size-fits-all ergonomic solution. Everyone is differently built. We each have our own work habits. We also prefer different postures and have unique physical sensitivities. This can make finding the right set-up difficult.

There are two ways to figure out what is best for you. You can go by trial and error and work through it yourself. This works for some but can take time.

The other option is to schedule an ergonomic assessment. Our sales staff is trained in basic office ergonomics and we are happy to provide a free ergonomic assessment to anyone who comes to our showroom. This is an informal, non-medical service designed to help you achieve a healthy workspace.

If you are in serious pain and think you need a more rigorous assessment BOO Furniture is partnered with San Diego and Los Angeles based ergonomists who can provide assessments as well. We do these onsite at the office for many of our commercial clients.

Whichever path you choose, keep in mind that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Everyone has different needs and there is no “wrong” way to achieve an ergonomically beneficial set-up as long as you stick to a few fundamental principles.