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As far as office seating goes, Business Office Outfitters provides thousands of different styles and chair models to choose from. Luckily, we can help you narrow it down and find what works for your specific needs, all while staying within your budget.

We offer many different lines of task chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, and ergonomically designed seating in an even more diverse selection of fabrics and colors. Whether you want to invest in a chair that will last a lifetime, or if you need a solution that fits your budget, BOO will find the perfect chair for you.

What is the best office chair?

Modern technology has brought us a considerable change of pace in terms of how fast we can get work done. However, this advancement came with some repercussions, one of which is sedentary lifestyle and the accompanying ramifications: a detrimental effect to the office worker’s health and productivity.

A chair that does not provide support to your spine may cause or exacerbate structural damage. On the other hand, an ergonomic office chair can be customized to suit the needs of your office, as well as the needs of individual workers.

Aside from being cost-effective and comfortable with breathable upholstery, the right office chair has to meet the following criteria:

  • Be highly functional, stable and adjustable with ease,
  • Be highly versatile and suitable for any workspace or body type,
  • Boost productivity and create a professional, unified-looking environment,
  • Promote good posture and benefit health, minimizing pain.

What types of chairs can I get for my office?

If you need to outfit your office space with desk chairs, executive chairs and task chairs, you’ve come to the right place. Here at BOO furniture, we have a selection of chairs that allows you to be thrifty and choosy at the same time. From new and used computer chairs to used executive office chairs, we have something for any need and any pocket.

Whether you have a spacious office that should accommodate many people, need space-saving chairs for cubicles or just need a chair to match the desk in your San Diego home office, we’ve got you covered.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a task chair and an office chair?

Task chairs are a subtype of office chairs, that is, they are the smaller and less costly variant of standard office chairs. The task chair was originally intended for stenographers, and designed to slide under a standard-height office desk. It has levers which may be used to customize and adjust height, tils and angle. Task chairs are designed to be practical, space-saving seating solutions which roll and swivel easily.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

In the ideal scenario, you will wake up in the morning full of vigor and enthusiasm and, depending on where you live, head for a morning run somewhere in San Diego Downtown or somewhere along Pacific Coast Highway.

In reality, mornings are hectic and you barely have time to have breakfast before you have to be at the office. And once you do get to the office, knowing you’ll have to spend hours and hours sitting there, you want to be comfortable and spare yourself any pain and discomfort while at the office and after you leave work.

An ergonomic office chair has the best features for sitting long hours. If you normally work long hours and spend your time at the office sitting, you need a chair that will provide ample support for your lower back.

What is the life expectancy of an office chair?

How long your office chairs will last depends on their purpose, whether you need chairs to place around your San Diego conference room table, which will likely be used less frequently, or individual office chairs which will be used for longer stretches of time at once. Either way, you need to pick high-quality chairs that can be adjusted to accommodate any body type.

The average office chair is expected to last around 8 years. The life expectancy of your office chair depends on multiple factors, the most important of which is the material and workmanship quality. Manufacturers such as Herman Miller and Steelcase deliver just that.

If you decide to go for used office chairs instead of brand new ones, you can always compromise and get lightly used ones with years of life expectancy left at more attractive rates.

Should a desk chair have arms?

New or used office chairs which have armrests are better for the simple reason that they are more comfortable. Adjustable armrests allow the user to customize the height of the armrests to their needs, relax their shoulders and rest their arms comfortably.

Is it better to have an office chair with or without arms?

Although an office chair without arms might cost less, an office chair with arms is more practical, more convenient and more comfortable. However, executive-type office chairs take up more space, while task chairs are usually the space-saving swivel chairs, so it really depends on your needs and preferences.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Aside from functionality, comfort and visual appeal, the furniture for your San Diego office needs to meet another major requirement: its price needs to fit your budget. And if you need office furniture for the whole office or even if you just need to replace the chairs there, you are looking at a major investment.

So does it pay off to pay a little extra for office furniture so you could have bigger savings down the line? Does higher price always equal longer life expectancy?

As a rule of thumb, it does pay off to buy more expensive office furniture as you will get years and years out of it before having to replace it all over again. Used office chairs and furniture gives you the optimal solution when the figures don’t add up. You get the quality of a brand new product with a favorable price.

What is the most comfortable office chair?

Once you set out to outfit your office space with seating, you will focus on office chairs that meet certain criteria. Aside from durability and cost-effectiveness, you want your open-plan or cubicle office chairs to be stylish and comfortable.

How long do Steelcase chairs last?

Steelcase is a USA-based furniture company that has been around for over a century. As a reputable American furniture manufacturer, Steelcase offers a wide range of durable chairs. Even if you decide to buy a used Steelcase chair, you will not have to invest in its replacement for at least 5 years. Much like used Aeron chairs, used Steelcase chairs are in high demand among businesses across San Diego.

What is the best Steelcase chair?

It is difficult to pinpoint the best used Steelcase chair as it really depends on your preferences. The best way to see which chair best fits your purposes is to give a Steelcase chair a try.

Is the Aeron chair good for your back?

The Aeron chair is an excellent choice if you want a fully adjustable chair and ensure ample lumbar support. This makes new and used Aeron chairs the most sought-after office chairs among San Diego businesses.

Is Aeron the best office chair?

Aeron is a top-rated office chair and an American best-seller. Aeron’s is also often voted as the ultimate office chair. These expert-crafted best-sellers can never go out of style for the simple reason that they meet all the criteria for the average office space:

  • Classic design & features,
  • High comfort,
  • Durability.

If you have a tight budget and need a large quantity of brand new Aeron office chairs, you might feel concerned about the price, which is heftier than is the case with most competitors.

But there is a way to circumvent the problem and save big: used Aeron office chairs which you can find here at BOO Furniture of San Diego. Being like-new, these chairs come with all the perks of their brand new counterparts, but without the hefty price.

Where in San Diego can I buy used office chairs?

Here at BOO Furniture, we combine efficient service with a vast range of sophisticated quality products that we carry, among which are new and used office chairs. Take advantage of our favorable deals. Whether you prefer the timeless used Aeron chairs, innovative used Steelcase chairs or something else entirely, we are here to assist you.

We can help you outfit your office space without spending an outrageous amount of money or having to give up on visual appeal and comfort. Our chairs feature an exciting variety of types, sizes, styles, fabrics and colors. Reach out to us and let us help you find the best match for your office space!