Our BOO REVIEW is now the SINCLAIR REVIEW. With the purchase of Office Furniture Outlet we realized we needed a common name that people could relate to and we wanted to keep the names of two of the oldest dealerships in San Diego.

Why did you pick “Sinclair” as the new branded name?

The Sinclair name stands for integrity, trust and loyalty, and BOO (58 years in business) is known for these same things.

Any other reasons?

Well since our family’s last name is Sinclair and since BOO is a family company we really thought it made sense. OFO was another family company. Our customers are part of our family and we treat them as family members. If a family member needs to go to the hospital in the middle of the night you take them. If a customer needs a desk in the middle of the night we make it happen.

What are your plans going forward?

We hope to build on the fact that we have two companies with over 80 years of existence and our staff is long tenured. We are a service oriented company and will continue that tradition.

Will you be making any changes?

No, nothing will change except that we have one of the largest fleet of trucks and delivery and installation teams in San Diego. We have added to our depth with an experienced team at OFO.

Any final thoughts?

BOO has always been very blessed. We donate a lot of furniture to non-profits and want to continue being a good community member. We are very pleased about our acquisition and will continue to evolve as a company and family.