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Social Distancing Not Possible? Use Partitions

Your current office layout likely leaves some members of your team at risk of exposure to the virus. The last thing you need to worry about right now is exposed team members getting sick. Not to mention, people who are concerned about their health are not happy and productive.

You want your team members safe and feeling comfortable as they return to work.
The quickest and most cost effective way to create safe personal space is with mountable partitions.

Mount these to a reception desk, cubicle partition or almost any surface. This is a simple solution that works!

What Do Mountable Office Partitions Accomplish?

  • Acrylic partitions allow for face to face contact while keeping you and your customers safe.
  • li>Partitions serve the critical function of intercepting respiratory droplets that transmit the virus.

  • They reinforce physical distance requirements when users are unwilling or forgetful.

There are plenty of things to be uncertain about as we navigate through this health crisis. You can be certain that acrylic partitions provide a sensible and effective way to move forward.

So please contact us today. We can help you to build trust & confidence with your customers and team by installing acrylic panels.

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