Office Design & Productivity: Where’s the Connection?

Design has a special place in the modern office, opening up a world of possibilities for businesses. From turning to traditional, yet reinvented cubicles to introducing decor that perfectly reflects a company’s identity, business owners and office managers now have an opportunity to design their office areas for success. 

In fact, one of the biggest benefits office design brings is a boost in productivity. By incorporating the right design elements, business owners can have offices that motivate their employees and enable them to enhance their work performance. 

So, before looking into new cubicles for sale for your work environment, take some time to discover how design affects employee productivity and what you can do to get the most out of your office design. 

How office space affects productivity?

Extensive research has shown that office design truly does affect employee productivity and performance. However, to be able to optimize your workspace for better results and enhanced employee performance, you first need to understand where’s the connection between the two. 

6 Factors that affect work efficiency

While the overall appeal and atmosphere in the office do have an effect on your employees, it has been shown that several specific elements deserve some special attention upon designing a workspace. 

  1. Natural & artificial lighting. This is possibly one of the biggest factors that can either enhance or hinder productivity. Bright, yet soft light affects employees both physically and mentally. It makes them happier and less anxious while also minimizing the risk of computer vision syndrome
  2. Comfort. This refers to both office furniture and thermal comfort. Adequate temperature levels and ergonomically correct furniture will enable your employees to focus on work rather than trying to make themselves comfortable. 
  3. Air quality. Poor indoor air quality in the office can reduce productivity by even 9 percent. A stuffy workspace can cause a drop in concentration and work efficiency. On the other hand, an airy environment and exposure to clean outdoor air can boost productivity. 
  4. Noise. Noise is a major distraction that can cause a productivity decrease of even 66 percent. However, complete silence isn’t the solution, especially if your office is close to a high-traffic street. 
  5. Nature. Exposure to nature is another significant factor that should be considered in office design. Some studies show that introducing plants to an office can boost productivity by up to 15 percent. 
  6. Color. It’s widely known that color can have a psychological effect, which is why many office designers introduce colors that can help employees relax or boost their creativity. 

What makes a good workspace?

A well-designed office that can boost employee productivity needs to incorporate the mentioned elements in an effective way. It should be clean, organized, and free of clutter while also boasting inspiring, motivating features and a thought-through layout. Additionally, it should reflect a company’s core values and brand, capturing its unique visual identity.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you design an office your employees will love: 

  1. Consider the type of job

    While some support open office layouts, others are in favor of more traditional options. However, the best approach is to consider the needs of your employees and the nature of their work. For instance, cubicles can be beneficial for certain types of jobs such as customer support agents.

  2. Always invest in office furniture

    High-quality office furniture can affect productivity significantly and protect your employees’ health. Ergonomic chairs and spacious desks are what every employee needs.

  3. Find a balance

    Many employers wonder if cubicles are a better option than open offices, while others are strongly against them. However, the truth is that you need to create a balanced workspace that combines both private and open areas.

  4. Don’t neglect the visual aspect.

    Your employees will definitely be more productive in an office with stimulating colors, inspiring artwork, and plenty of natural decorations. Green walls, for instance, have become a popular office design element that breathes new life into the modern workplace.

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