How to Sit in an Office Chair Properly

If your job involves sitting behind a desk for hours on end, you may be in danger of a variety of health issues, such as back pain and poor circulation. Ergonomic office seating will help you maintain a healthy sitting posture, ward off potential health risks, and have better concentration at work. This important element of office design should never be overlooked.

Before you start scouring San Diego stores for used Steelcase chairs or other first-rate office furniture brands, learn what constitutes a good sitting posture and how your chair can help you achieve it.

How should you sit in an office chair?

What is the best office chair for sitting long hoursThough it may seem like there’s nothing simpler than sitting down, it turns out that the majority of people sit incorrectly most of the time.

If your current office seating doesn’t promote good posture, you must have noticed the signs: muscle tension, backaches, and overall discomfort after being in your chair for a long time. If you keep hunching your shoulders and slumping your back while you work on the computer, it’s probably time to replace your office furniture with more comfortable options.

You can determine if a chair encourages proper posture by checking for the following:

  • Is your screen at eye level? The top third of your monitor should be at eye level. This is easily doable with desktop computers. If you use a laptop, you can elevate it by putting it on something stable, like a box.
  • What’s the position of your shoulders? The shoulders need to be relaxed, without any tension.
  • Are your lower arms parallel to the floor? Your arms should be bent at the elbow and rest on your chair’s armrests comfortably. You should be able to handle your keyboard and mouse without straining.
  • What about your knees? Your knees should be at hip level of slightly lower. There should be a little gap between the back of the knee and the front part of the chair.
  • Are your feet resting on the ground? Your whole foot should be placed on the floor or foot rest.
  • Are you bending? Try not to bend, either forward or to the side, because these movements make your spine curve.

Also, apart from investing in a great office chair, you’ll benefit from getting up every hour, stretching, and walking around a bit. This way, you’ll feel much better at the end of your work day.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

All high quality ergonomic office chairs meet certain criteria, such as good adjustability, adequate dimensions, soft cushioning, and durable material. There is a wide range of possibilities, styles, prices, and brands available.

You should choose your office seating based on your individual requirements. The experts at some of San Diego’s leading office furniture stores will gladly help you find your perfect match. They can guide you through the various types of office chairs as well as different office chair sizes and features.

What dependable San Diego furniture supplier offers used Steelcase chairs & other quality brands?

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