A Complete Guide to the Perfect Reception Area

The reception area is an essential part of every office space because this is where your brand really comes into focus. In order to leave a great first impression every time, you want to see to it that every inch of your office contributes to your company sending the right message, including your reception area.

Since every furniture piece has a role to play, you should visit your local furniture store in San Diego and select one of the chic reception desks, chairs to go with it, and end tables that will be in line with the image of your brand. Once you realize the importance of your reception area and discover its purpose, you’ll have no doubt about how much a well-furnished reception can benefit you.

Let’s find out how to build a perfect reception area and focus on all the details from where to place your desk to how to make this space more welcoming.

What makes a good reception area?

What makes a good reception area

What will be an excellent reception area for you will mostly depend on the unique needs and nature of your business. Having in mind that this space should be a reflection of who you are and what your company stands for, there is no one correct answer to this question.

For instance, if you run a travel agency, perhaps you would want to decorate the walls with posters that depict some of the most exotic destinations around the world and thus put the customers in the right mindset to book a trip. On the other hand, for a dental office, a minimalist design would be a better choice since it would give the place a neat look.

Feel free to play with different design solutions until you discover which one suits your business the most.

How can I make my reception area more welcoming?

Whatever your business is, one thing is sure – you want your reception area to be welcoming and make your visitors feel comfortable while waiting for their appointments. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this with zero hassle:

  • Invest in appropriate lighting solutions: The last thing you want is for your clients to sit in a dimly lit space that will make them feel drowsy. To boost their enthusiasm, you need to bring as much natural light in as possible or invest in attractive lighting fixtures that will serve as amazing decoration and also keep the area properly lit.
  • Comfortable seating is a must: During the busiest parts of the year, you may have several clients waiting for their meetings at the same time, and you need to have enough room for all of them to be seated comfortably.How can I make my reception area more welcoming
  • Introduce greenery: Natural elements like plants and sunlight can contribute to creating a more relaxed atmosphere that will soothe your visitors and keep them energized.
  • Tech amenities are a huge plus: To show how much you care about your clients and appreciate their patience, you might want to think about introducing some useful tech amenities, such as laptop and phone charges, as well as a free WiFi connection.

Where can I buy quality reception desks in San Diego & the area?

Right here at BOO Furniture! You can either browse our comprehensive offer of modern reception desks online or visit us in our store in Kearny Mesa. Our friendly staff will be there to answer all your questions and ensure you find everything that you need for your newly-remodeled reception area.

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