Office Etiquette: How to Set Up Your Reception Area

If you want your clients to feel welcomed from the moment they step into your office space, investing in a modern, well-furnished reception area is the way to go. To achieve this effortlessly, you should make sure to visit your favorite fully stocked furniture store in the San Diego area and browse through their offer of reception desks, chairs, and other necessary lobby furniture.

Selecting the right furniture and decoration will help you make this space look welcoming, yet professional, ensuring it reflects perfectly what the core values of your business are. If you are not sure how big your reception area should be, what chairs to choose, and how to decorate this place, rely on experts for help and rest assured that you’ll leave a great first impression.

Let’s learn more about the purpose of this area in your office and how to set it up with ease:

What is the purpose of a reception area?

The primary purpose of your reception area is to serve as a greeting space for your clients and business associates. Additionally, this section of your office should also represent a cozy waiting area, where your visitors can comfortably sit until they are called in for their appointment.

Depending on the type and the size of your business, you should create a customized lobby area that will meet your unique needs and requirements. When designing this space, you should think about what kind of impression you want to give off and use this area to reinforce the positive image of your brand.

How do you set up a reception area?

When setting up your reception area, you should take different aspects of its design into consideration and make sure to follow the basic principles of office etiquette. Here are a few useful tips on how to achieve this and get the most out of this space:

Keep your lobby area clean & tidy

The way you run your office is a good indicator of how you manage your business in general. So, if you want to earn the trust of your business partners and show them that you are a responsible individual who is capable of meeting their every business need, keep your reception, and the rest of your office space, clean and organized.

Create a pleasant, yet professional atmosphere

While you should always strive to create a reception area that looks professional, you may also add a few personalized details to increase the appeal of this space and make it more pleasant to the eye. You can achieve this by either introducing modern furniture pieces into the design, bringing in colorful decoration, or hanging up a few posters with inspirational quotes and images.

Opt for the layout that has a clear traffic flow

From the moment your visitors enter your office, it should be clear to them where they should go to check in and wait for their appointment. Keeping the layout simple will also ensure that this space looks neat and well-organized.

Invest in the right furniture

When choosing among various seating options for your reception area, you should consider the different needs of your clients and go with the furniture that can accommodate them regardless of their body shape and size. Also, don’t forget that some of your business associates might be in a wheelchair or use walkers and will need more room to sit comfortably.

Aside from focusing on the comfort of your visitors, you should also make sure that your receptionist has an ergonomically designed chair and a reception desk that is large enough to fit all the essentials that they will use daily. Your clients will surely be pleased to see that you care about and respect your employees and will know that they can expect the same treatment.

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